America's Changing Religious Landscape

March 19, 2017

Membership in organized religion is rapidly declining. According to Pew Research, one-fifth of the adult public and 30% of those under 30 are not religiously affiliated, the highest percentage ever recorded and growing rapidly. In fact, in the last 5 years alone this group has grown by 15%. However, not religiously affiliated does not mean not spiritual. Overwhelmingly this same group expressed their interest in spirituality. The millennials are interested in spirituality that is meaningful, authentic, experiential, and less interested in dogma.  They are data driven and willing to try practices that deliver results.  They are more open to interspirituality and experimenting with new forms of practice and spiritual experience.  A new day is dawning for religious and spiritual life in America. One that will reshape the traditional institutions and landscape for generations to come.  (JG)   American Religion Has Never Looked Quite Like It Does Today