Environmental Crisis = Spiritual Crisis

June 2, 2017

The ensuing environmental crisis and its impact on all living creatures is the moral issue of our time. This crisis is a symptom of an underlying spiritual crisis that humanity is facing in the modern era.  We are faced with many soul searching questions.  Who are we really? Are we takers of the Earth or are we caretakers of the earth?  Are the rights of the few more important than the rights of the many?  What is my individual and our collective purpose for being born as a human being?  Individually and collectively we are coming face to face with the fundamental question of existence.  Who am I and what is my purpose?   Human beings are not merely intelligent animals.  We are also contemplative creatures.  We have the mysterious capacity to reflect, contemplate and ponder the wonders of existence.  We have been gifted with conscience and consciousness. Everyone is a contemplative at heart and yet not everyone knows this about themselves.  We all have an inner life and an outer life.  Our saving grace will not be found from merely looking out to see what we can "get" from or "do" to the external world.  It will be found from sincerely looking inward to contemplate what I can "give" to and what I can "be" for the world around me.  This is the process of awakening.   As monumental as the challenges are that face humanity there is still great hope. Throughout history, we have witnessed the remarkable resiliency of the human spirit and soul. For some mysterious reason, we human beings are often at our best when things are at their worst. Let’s reshape our world the contemplative way. (JG) https://www.garrisoninstitute.org/…/toward-contemplative-e…/