Humankind and Contemplation

June 15, 2017

From the moment a frustrated Neanderthal said to herself, “How am I supposed to cut this meat without a knife?” to the day Gutenberg’s boss blurted “I need thirty copies of this document by noon,” our species has been creating tools that transform life as we know it. The timeline of human history is marked by stunning evolutionary sprints each time a group of forward-thinking individuals decided to use their XL-sized brains to solve a problem. You probably learned about the boring ones in elementary school: the agrarian, industrial, and technological revolutions. The digital revolution we’re currently experiencing may be a bit sexier than Eli Whitney’s cotton gin and Henry Ford’s assembly line, but it’s nowhere near as amazing and significant as the simultaneous spiritual revolution that’s happening. Just as Mark Zuckerberg and friends initiated a social revolution riding on the back of the digital revolution, Contemplative Life stands at the intersection of technology and spirituality with a vision to help millions of people connect more deeply with one another and their truest selves.   Humankind and Contemplation