Spiritual Paths Foundation

Spiritual Paths Foundation

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."
- H.H. Dalai Lama


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What is the Spiritual Paths Foundation?

Since 2002, the Spiritual Paths Foundation has offered courses, programs and online resources where over 50 teachers and thousands of practitioners from diverse spiritual and secular traditions have forged a foundation for inner peace leading to peace in the world. Their goal is the co-creation of a universal InterSpiritual Wisdom that can be unifying and healing force in the world. Spiritual Paths Founder, Dr. Ed Bastian, has drawn from this work to create a process of Inquiry, Insight and Integration that he offers in his books, online courses, private mentoring and in-person classes. Presently a mature and experienced cohort of mentors-in-training are working with Ed to expand this work in healthcare, psychology, ministry, chaplaincy, public service, spiritual direction and active aging.

How do I participate?

You can read Ed’s books and workbooks or take these courses with Ed in person and online. The Mandala Process will help you refine your spiritual practice through a powerful new method for harnessing your natural archetypal spiritual learning styles and asking your questions of the worlds great contemplative traditions. InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM) will help you harness your own natural spiritual styles to create a personal contemplative practice that gives rise to inner peace, wisdom, and compassion. ISM is a non-sectarian universal seven-step universal process drawn from the world’s spiritual traditions.

Challanges and Commitments of Practice

This is not a guru-driven process. Rather, it provides a structure within which you can work with authentic mentors, teachers and resources to create a dynamic and sustainable personal contemplative practice. This process requires you to take personal responsibility and not rely on others to provide a one-stop-shopping contemplative experience. Over time, this process begins to work naturally within you and to help you maintain wisdom, compassion and equanimity throughout all challenging circumstances of life.

Tips and Reminders

InterSpiritual Meditation has a simple mantra-like song that can run in the background of your mind. It helps you to stay stable and centered.