7 Days of Rest

7 Days of Rest

"A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living."
- Rudolf Steiner


Deep Rest





What is 7 Days of Rest & Reflection?

7 Days of Rest and Reflection is a global event dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. Our intention is to begin the New Year by co-creating a global field of rest and reflection, with the intention to restore our sacred relationship with the Foundations of Life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity and the Web of Life.

What was the inspiration for 7 Days of Rest & Reflection?

The 7 Days of Rest initiative was inspired by a meditation vision that the founder experienced in Jerusalem in 2017. Its a vision of healing for the planet. A time of pause when all cultures and faiths join together in a quiet space to listen deeply and acknowledge the implications of our current path and to collectively commit to a new healing path forward. A time to rest from the noise, the busyness, the domination, the exploitation, the toxins and from our everyday habits that take Life and the home we share with other species for granted. A time to reflect, take stock, and reconnect with our hearts, our deeper wisdom, our intuition and realign with the intrinsic order and harmonies of nature.

The Vision:

We are the generation entrusted with the most pressing challenges of our millennia. To effectively address the diverse challenges requires a quantum leap forward in our ability to come together and coordinate our efforts to protect life on Earth. Our survival and the survival of other species requires us to return to a deeper wisdom, rooted in our fundamental interconnectedness, and to reclaim our role as co-stewards of the intricate Web of Life.

How does 7 Days relate to other planetary healing events?

As the journey of the 7 days began to unfold it became clear that this initiative is actually part of a larger orchestration of global healing events. While each event is organized independently these events also share some intricate connections and purpose. These global events and the organizations and people serving them share profound synchronicities that invite deep partnerships of cooperation and action.