“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”
- Joseph Campbell


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Mental and Spiritual Health

What is altar creation?

The home alter is a sacred space, a visible symbol of the connection between heaven and earth. Creating your own altar and establishing a sacred space provides a focal point where you can make contact with God or our Creator/Spirit. It is a place where you can pray or meditate. A space in your home, your office, even your backyard that you dedicate and consecrate, you set aside for quiet, intentional reflection.

How do I practice creating an altar

• The creation of an altar is a sacred act. • The first step in preparing your altar is to become clear about its purpose and establish your intention for it. • Once you are clear about your intention, you are ready to decide where you will place your altar in your home or other special place. • Make your altar as simple or as complex as you see fit. • Introduce things/objects that uplift your heart, that have special meaning to you. Creating your altar is very personal. • There is no right or wrong way to create your personal altar. • Consider including such things as: candles, photos of loved ones or spiritual teachers, icons, bells, things from nature such as crystals, rocks, gems, feathers or flowers. A favorite book or quote, poems, or scripture. Bells, drums, or other small instruments can be incorporated. • Your altar may look different today than it will a year from now as we continue to heal and transform our inner lives.

Challenges and commitments of practice:

• Choosing an appropriate place for you altar can be a challenge. “Every area of a home or building has a different energy, and each room will influence the feeling of your altar in a specific way. Taking the time to decide where you will place your altar can affect the overall results you will attain from using your personal shrine.” (Denise Linn)

Tips and reminders:

• The simple ritual of lighting a candle at an altar can infuse ordinary moments with sacred meaning. • An altar is a sacred place for praying, listening to divine guidance and giving thanks for blessings. • A home altar becomes a spiritual oasis where the important aspects of your life come into focus.