Awakened Leadership

Awakened Leadership

"When it comes to properly interpreting and understanding the phenomenon in your own mind, an experienced meditation guide is priceless and cuts through the clutter in minutes, not months."
- Dawa Phillips







What is the essence of Awakened Leadership?

Awakened Leadership includes research, education, youth development, leadership development, and entrepreneurship. It is focused on three areas of the human experience. First, Love and the cultivation of love as a quality of understanding that helps us go beyond the illusion of separation. Second, Prosperity as an embodied quality of being and doing to help us go beyond the experience of fear and lack. Third, cultivating the quality of Freedom from negativity and unnecessary suffering. Every life gets touched in some way by the presence or absence of Love, Prosperity, and Freedom.

What does it mean to be an awakened leader?

Everyone is born into a situation that requires a certain degree of leadership. Initially, your main task is to learn to lead yourself. As you learn to trust your judgments and intentions you begin to inspire the trust and confidence of those around you. Whether you are simply leading yourself or in charge of a large community or organization your leadership stands and falls with the quality of your presence, the clarity of your mind, the health of your relationships and your courage in taking skillful action.

What is sacred entrepreneurship?

Life’s risky. Many people seek to avoid risk at all cost. Entrepreneurship is challenging and requires a broad set of skills and talent. It also harbors some hidden possibilities. First and foremost it is a path that holds one accountable to the outcomes of one's actions. We believe that entrepreneurship can be a great platform for personal development and spiritual growth. As you learn to use your gifts and talents to create something of value for your community or the world, you have to outgrow your own limitations, look beyond the horizon and genuinely care about the quality of life of your customer and clients. In sacred entrepreneurship, your intention matters, your relationships matter, your perseverance matters, your authenticity matters, and your results matter.

How do we bring mindfulness to youth development?

Young people observe the behavior and attitudes of the adults around them carefully. The most important qualities in our relationships with children and youth is our capacity for presence, authenticity, and care. Young people can see right through us; they sense if we're present, they know if we're authentic and they can feel if we genuinely care. Skillful application of mindfulness practices equip young people to handle the stresses of our modern times and teach them to be present, authentic and caring human beings throughout life.

How Mindful Leadership can benefit you and your organization:

Awakened Leadership