Charter for Compassion

Charter for Compassion

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. "
- H.H. The Dalai Lama







Why the Charter for Compassion?

The Charter for Compassion was inspired by scholar and author Karen Armstrong. She received the TED Prize in 2008 and made a wish to create a Charter for Compassion and the Council of Conscience which launched in 2009. The vision is for a "world where everyone is committed to living by the principle of compassion." It provides an umbrella for people to engage in collaborative partnerships worldwide.

What is the mission?

The mission is to "support the emergence of a global movement that brings the Charter for Compassion to life." This mission includes fostering a network of networks that connects organizers and leaders from around the world. The Charter for Compassion provides educational resources, organizing tools, and avenues for communication. It includes sharing lessons, stories, and inspiration; providing the umbrella of the Charter for Compassion for conferences, events, collaborations, conversations, and initiatives to create compassionate communities and institutions.

What are the beliefs that guide the mission?

Belief that a compassionate world is a peaceful world. Belief that a compassionate world is possible when every man, woman and child treats others as they wish to be treated with dignity, equity and respect. Belief that all human beings are born with the capacity for compassion, and that it must be cultivated for human beings to survive and thrive.

How is the mission accomplished?

The Charter for Compassion establishes and sustains cultures of compassion locally and globally through diverse sectors, arts, business, education, the environment, healthcare, interfaith communities, peace, restorative justice, science and research, social justice, social services, science and research and women and girls. They supply resources, information and communication platforms to help create and support compassionate communities, institutions, and networks of all types that are dedicated to becoming compassionate presences in the world.