The Community of the Mystic Heart

The Community of the Mystic Heart

“This would be a truly universal society of sannyasa, an order that welcomes as members individuals from all the world’s religions and even from no tradition at all.”
- Br. Wayne Teasdale







CMH Vision

Vision: The Community of The Mystic Heart is dedicated to the realization of a new civilization grounded in and acting from the contemplative, compassionate and loving heart. “Such a universal society will draw its inspiration from perennial spiritual and moral insights, intuitions, and experiences.”(Teasdale, The Mystic Heart, p.5)


1. A self-aware organization so that the culture is ever being reviewed, explored, and uncovered 2. More than tolerant, we acknowledge and explore areas of conflict and friction as areas rich in learning and growth 3. We allow space in all group interactions to expand our understanding of our group unconscious and hence our culture 4. We include ourselves as part of the whole and treat each member with respect 5. Our culture is one of inclusivity in all aspects of our self-expression 6. Throughout we aim to keep it simple and keep it light!

How do I become a member?

You can join the growing CMH community by simply enrolling in the community. Enrollment invites you into the conversation the community is having and gives you access to the materials and activities the community is providing. Its a chance for us to meet you and you to meet us. In the interim period while you have not been able to attend an Induction Ceremony you are still a member. However, any activities you would wish to create as a member of CMH, representing CMH, would need the approval of the community’s “Leadership Circle”. And, similarly, the “Leadership Circle” (a self-select circle recently approved by the community) also determines what the community is doing and what programs and activities constitute its “official” activities. CMH uses a “holarchical” circle-style group leadership, not a hierarchical one.

The Nine Elements of a Universal Spirituality from The Mystic Heart

1. I vow to actualize and live according to my full moral and ethical capacity 2. I vow to live in solidarity with the cosmos and all living beings 3. I vow to live in deep nonviolence 4. I vow to live in humility and to remember the many teachers and guides who assisted me on my spiritual path 5. I vow to embrace a daily spiritual practice 6. I vow to cultivate mature self-knowledge 7. I vow to live a life of simplicity 8. I vow to live a life of selfless service and compassionate action 9. I vow to be a prophetic voice as I work for justice, compassion and world transformation

Br. Wayne - In his own words