Contemplative Life

Contemplative Life

"Contemplation is the perfection of love and knowledge."
- Thomas Merton







What is Contemplative Life?

Contemplative Life is founded on the understanding that contemplative experience is fundamental to the human condition. Everyone has these experiences periodically, but may not recognize them as contemplative at the time. Deep and sustained practices have the capacity to transform people, improving health and well-being, increasing conscious awareness and attention and inspiring kindness and generosity. Our mission is simple and clear: "connecting people and communities with transformative practices."

What kind of practice is right for me?

When it comes to practice, there is no “one size fits all.” What’s right for one may not be right for another. Choosing the right practice depends on you as an individual. Are you a head, heart or body person? Are you young, midlife, or older? Is your life in chaos or in flow? Are you single, married, or have children? What is your cultural or religious background? Contemplative Life is a central hub that brings many different practices under one umbrella. It's a safe place to explore a variety of practices and help you find the right practice and connect you with others of like mind.

Where should I begin?

Living a contemplative life is a process that typically has three stages. 1. Information 2. Formation 3. Transformation The practices section of Contemplative Life enables you to explore a variety of practices by theme to find ones that resonate with you personally. Once you have found practices of interest you can also connect with a practice leader or join our community to connect with others of like mind. Here we can learn more about a practice and begin the process of integrating practice into our daily life. Developing a deep and sustained practice takes time, patience and commitment. Over time you will begin to witness the transformative benefits of practice in your own life. This will also naturally radiate outward and also impact the lives of those around you.

A Contemplative Life