Contemplative Pedagogy Network

Contemplative Pedagogy Network

"The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival."
- Aristotle




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What is the contemplative pedagogy and the Contemplative Pedagogy Network (CPN)?

Contemplative pedagogy is an approach to teaching and learning that actively incorporates ‘first person’ perspectives; connecting students to their lived, embodied experience of their own learning. Through engaging in contemplative practices as part of their education students become more aware of themselves, become more conscious of the impact they have on the world around them and connect their learning to their values and sense of meaning. The Contemplative Pedagogy Network is a digital resource that provides a space for the exploration of ideas and experiences of working with contemplative pedagogy. It's a place where practitioners and educators from diverse disciplines, and with different levels of knowledge and experience, can provide support for each other. Occasional face to face meetings are also arranged.

What was the inspiration for CPN?

CPN evolved after a meeting in London of six educators, trainers, and lecturers who shared an interest in using contemplative practices in higher education settings. They discussed their personal experiences of practice and shared how the use of contemplative pedagogy influenced their work in the classroom and sense of identity as an educator. This meeting served as an inspiration to create a digital site to help them and others connect, collaborate, learn and share the benefits and challenges of incorporating contemplative approaches within their personal and professional lives.

What are the aims and mission of CPN?

CPN has three primary aims: 1) INSPIRE – to encourage those interested in contemplative pedagogy to explore ways of embedding contemplative practice within their classrooms and within the curricula they teach. 2) INFORM –to share and highlight useful resources and encourage sharing of successes and failures so that we may all learn and progress. 3) CONNECT – to put like-minded educators in touch with one another. Creating active, engaged and positive communities is at the heart of contemplative pedagogy.

How do I use CPN?

CPN has a blog and also functions as a JISC mail list and is available for anyone to join and participate upon request. Participants are responsible for using the list only for discussions related to contemplative pedagogy. Disagreements, which are encouraged, are to be discussed constructively and kindly. Caroline Barratt currently edits the CPN blog where her contact details are available for anyone wishing to join the JISCmail list. All blogs represent the views of the author only and may not represent the views of others in the network. Participants are encouraged to comment on blogs.


Contemplative Pedagogy Network