Dawn Mountain

Dawn Mountain

"We awaken to enlightenment by recognizing and fully realizing the primordially pure essence already present as our nature."
- Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche







What is Dawn Mountain?

Dawn Mountain is a Center for Tibetan Buddhism. It was founded in 1996 by Buddhist scholars and authors Anne C. Klein and Harvey B. Aronson. It serves as a Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Community Center, and Research Institute. Dawn Mountain teachings are drawn from multiple Buddhist traditions and grounded in transmissions from the Ancient (Nyingma) lineage.

What is the mission and vision of Dawn Mountain?

The Mission of Dawn Mountain is to nurture the spiritual growth of our diverse community as a living bridge between traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings and curious people everywhere. We strive to inspire all seekers to develop skills for living, including mindfulness and compassion. Dawn Mountain seeks to instruct new and advanced students in the contemplative, artistic and healing practices of Tibetan Buddhism in collaboration with Western and Asian teachers.

What can a visitor expect when visiting Dawn Mountain?

Dawn Mountain has many colorful paintings, sculptures, and photos of teachers. No one wears shoes in the temple space. Meditations are both silent and with sound. Sacred texts are kept off the floor as a sign of respect, and the community holds a space for its teaching lineage in the form of a teaching throne. Some Dawn Mountain members wear shawls and perform prostrations as well as light candles and share food and drink offerings with our teachers. Also, positive aspirations are sometimes made together to dedicate the practice to the benefit of others.

What types of programs are offered?

Dawn Mountain offers a variety of teachings, meditation, retreats, online programs, webcasts, podcasts and community support. The Dzogchen Cycles program provides support through mentoring, continuous teacher input, and online community, as well as carefully addressing the very personal import of the teachings themselves. The community encourages and nourishes deep practice by maintaining genuine relationships with ourselves and others.

Dawn Mountain