Emotional Intelligence & Body Wisdom

Emotional Intelligence & Body Wisdom

"Listen to your body and change your brain."
- Andrea Isaacs




Inner Peace


Challenging Emotions

What is EQ with BQ?

Literally, it means you can increase your Emotional Intelligence by listening to your body’s wisdom. When you don’t like how you’re thinking or feeling and you’re unable to change it, this practice guides you in shifting the energy in your body. It will change how you think, feel and respond to life’s challenges. The outcome honors your highest self, the highest and best of the others involved, and the best possible outcome for the situation. You’ll have ease with challenging people and situations, more inner peace and greater joy.

How do I practice EQ with BQ?

Once you’ve been triggered (and feeling anger, resentment, anxiety, etc.): NOTICE YOUR BODY Notice the energy in your body. Get out of your chair and exaggerate it. More. Move through the room with this energy. CHANGE YOUR BODY Ask, “What would my body prefer?” Exaggerate that response until your body comes to stillness in a new position. ANCHOR IT MUDRA: Your ending body position is your mudra, a body position that can change your inner state. MANTRA: Feeling this energy in your body, finish the phrase, “I am….” or “I have…”

Challenges and commitments of practice.

There are two challenges: 1. Remembering to practice your mantra and mudra. However, it doesn’t take much time. You can practice as part of your morning meditation, while walking, driving, in the shower, while washing dishes, saying the words out loud or silently in your mind. 2. Remembering to use your mantra and mudra once you’ve been triggered. However, with practice, these new inner states will start to arise on their own.

Tips and Reminders:

Use your mantra and mudra so nobody else knows! Say the words quietly in your mind with no “external”movement. Feel it throughout your body and it will be as effective. • Together, your mudra and mantra are very powerful in changing how you think, feel and respond to life’s challenges. • This work only works if you use it. But — You can only use it if you remember it. You’ll only remember it if you practice. So, practice, practice and practice!

Emotional Intelligence & Body Wisdom