Garden of Light

Garden of Light

A vast spiritual community is emerging all over the world. It has no name. It has no church or temple and no scripture. No one sees it. And yet it is among the most potent forces for evolutionary change on the planet. You are a member because you are participating in the spiritual renaissance that is underway, whether or not you are aware of it. And it is here to stay.
- Rev. Deborah Moldow







What is the Garden of Light?

The Garden of Light is a virtual community that supports the uplifting the human spirit. You have found your way here because you are experiencing the spiritual renaissance that is underway for the human family. The resources, practices and community that you find here serve as essential spiritual components for the transformation in human consciousness.

Why was the Garden of Light created?

We are individuals born into many of the world’s beautiful religions and cultures who feel that there is more that draws us together than divides us. The Garden gives us a place to share both ancient and contemporary wisdom in a way that illuminates our purpose as individuals while also serving the oneness of the global family of humanity. The aim of the Garden of Light is to offer a platform for exploring the emerging spirituality, embracing all religious paths and all secular seekers in the name of love.

What are the vision and core beliefs of the Garden of Light?

Central to the vision of the Garden of Light is a deep caring about one another across all boundaries, including social justice, human rights, equal access to the resources that contribute to individual and community thriving, and shared stewardship of the global commons, including clean air, soil and water. This vision foresees deep cooperation among people and harmony with nature that strives to balance individual freedom with the good of the whole in service to all life.

What does it mean to be a member of the Garden of Light?

Membership in the Garden of Light means being part of a global community that is deeply rooted in a shared spirituality that transcends differences of circumstance, nationality, tradition, culture and even religion. Members of this community recognize one another immediately, even though it has no name and no home except the human heart. The Garden offers a virtual home for this community so that it can become visible for the powerful force that it truly is in uplifting the human spirit and approaching the global challenges we face as one global family.