Global Sisterhood

Global Sisterhood

“A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity."
- Jeanette LeBlanc







What is the Global Sisterhood?

The Global Sisterhood is a movement of soulful women helping people shift from competition, comparison, judgment, and jealousy to respect, love, unity, upliftment, and compassion.

How is the Global Sisterhood organized?

Each month women gather in “sister circles” in over 80 countries worldwide. These in-person circles are safe and spiritually charged spaces with monthly transformational themes where women can be their most open, authentic, and empowered selves. The Global Sisterhood helps women to organize and facilitate circles in their communities, providing tools, rituals, and wisdom to help them cultivate healthy relationships with both themselves and others, so they can continue growing into the women they’ve always hoped to be.

What are Sister Circles?

A Sister Circle is a virtual or in-person women-only space. It’s a safe and sacred place where women share their journeys, insights, and stories, and are all seen and heard for who they are in their essence. Each Sister Circle is a unique experience influenced by the facilitator, the women participating, the location, and cultural traditions.

What are the benefits of signing up for a Sister Circle?

* Access to an interactive world map where you can find a Circle to join or register your own. * Connect to a live synchronized meditation with tens of thousands of women uniting globally on National Women's Day. * You'll receive a Sister Circle Guidebook on how to lead a women’s Circle. * You also receive an invitation to the Circle Facilitator Group to support other women facilitating Sister Circles. * You'll get a promotional toolkit for sharing your Circle and event. * You also receive a personal invitation to join a free, private online Global Sisterhood community for deep sharing, growth, and upliftment * To stay connected you'll get empowerment themes, rituals, and transformational tools delivered to your inbox every full moon and new moon.