Jikoji Zen Center

Jikoji Zen Center

"The time of sitting is timeless, actually. When you take the right position you have nothing to think about anymore, nothing to bring up from any place, past or future. "
- Kobun Chino Otogawa






Self Acceptance

What is the Jikoji Zen Center?

Jikoji is a Soto Zen temple and retreat center located approximately one hour south of San Francisco, in a remote region of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The retreat center was founded in 1983 by Kobun Chino Roshi and a group of students. The center includes a Soto Zen Buddhist temple and connected with Hokoji in Taos, NM, and Jokoji in Japan. Jikoji offers workshops on meditation and provides facilities for individual and group retreats. All are welcome at Jikoji Zen Center.

What was the inspiration for Jikoji?

Jikoki Zen Center is based on the tradition of the Soto Zen lineage and its founder, Kobun Roshi. The aim of the Center is to serve as a way station, a refuge and oasis of serenity that is conducive to learning and renewal. The community values and supports the legacy of Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi, the Teacher who established the practice at Jikoji. The Center also welcomes other teachers and the Sangha as Teachers. Jikoji is maintained by a group of resident practitioners and non-resident sangha members.

What is the mission of Jikoji Zen Center?

The mission of Jikoji Zen Center is simple and clear, “to help people meditate.” Jikoji means "Compassion Light Temple". The Center is self-governing with no membership requirements. Consensus, mutual respect, and compassion are the guiding principles of decision making. The community holds a fundamental commitment to stewardship that includes care for the land and the habitat, seeking to create the least possible environmental impact.

How does Jikoji serve those that come to the center?

Jikoji offers an ongoing daily meditation practice as taught by our primary teacher Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi. Additionally, senior students of Kobun are available to provide instruction in the practice of Zen meditation and discussions are open to the public. There is a regular Sunday morning program that includes two periods of meditation and a discussion led by one of the Sangha's senior students or visiting teachers, followed by a social lunch. Retreatants are welcome to participate in the Jikoji meditation schedule and other activities.

Kobun Chino Otogawa