JiMi Tao (A Beauty Way)

JiMi Tao (A Beauty Way)

The essence of life is the emotion for love.
- Willow







What is JiMi Tao?

JiMi Tao means "A Beauty Way". It represents the inward journey of traveling on the path of a middle way. JiMi Tao is a sacred structure that provides access to personal awareness. It enables practitioners to build a healthy character and develop an increased sense of morality within our dynamically changing world.

What is the mission of JiMi Tao.

JiMi Tao enables people to be in Spiritual Harmony in Mental, Physical and Emotional Bodies through Ego/Soul Unity. This "way" has three aims and three principles. 1) To walk a personal spiritual pathway of conscious awareness. 2) To be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually in harmony with all life. 3) To be balanced and whole within the oneness of All. The three principles are 1) Divine is love 2) We are children of Divine Love 3) We are Divine InLove.

What is meant by

"The beautiful mountain" lives within each person. Every being has within them an inner light of beauty. Recognizing this truth, we gather ourselves together, joining our lights of inner beauty to become a strong mountain of grace. This middle way serves as a passionate passageway towards peace and balance in today's constant and changing world.

Teachings, practices and offerings of JiMi Tao:

JiMi Tao offerings include contemplations, meditations, audio & Video recordings, books, revitalization classes, seminars, and gatherings. JiMi Tao also provides on-site and or webinar discussion groups & conversations.

About Willow, the visionary behind JiMi Tao.

Willow is a first-born daughter in a matrilineal lineage of medicine women. Educated in the disciplines of Social Work and Divinity, Willow spent 20 years of her career in humanitarian service as a social worker and minister working with all ages, stages, socio-economic and multi-cultural backgrounds of the human being. She works nationally and internationally as a spiritual guide, medicine woman, and visionary artist. Willow co-creatively uses earth and cosmic medicine tools to aid individuals and groups back into primary sense awareness, as a means to rekindle and awaken personal connections in Universal Oneness.