Karisha Community

Karisha Community

"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."
- Abraham Maslow


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What is Karisha Community?

Karisha Community is a public benefit corporation which is forging a new model of health care. Health begins at home. It’s our food, our family, our jobs, our lifestyle, our communities. At Karisha, our work begins with how we care for ourselves as providers and for each other as service employees. From a loving healing space, we welcome patients of all health states, ages, ethnicities, gender and sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds. This is Karisha, a new culture of health care.

What is the vision of Karisha Community?

Karisha Community integrates food, medicine, and wellness, in a warm, welcoming space where people enjoy coming for care and where providers love to work. Karisha unites medicine, food, and well-being with a healing kitchen, a yoga/physical therapy studio, a networking community space, and a multi-disciplinary integrative medical clinic. Krisha recognizes that self-care is the basis of preventative health. The community offers services to nurture self-care, which translates to prosperity for families, children, community, and world.

How did Karisha Community get started?

The inspiration for Karisha emerged from its founder Amina Haji, MD. Amina is passionate medical activist whose roots come from her parents and sister, all physicians. Her family established a free medical clinic in Bryan, Texas and maintained an ethnically and economically diverse family medicine clinic there for 40 years. Amina, like her family, became drawn to the healing and holistic aspects of medicine. Seeing a huge need in our society for accurately addressing medical intervention and prevention, she recognized that our current health care system fails to address fundamental contributors to health such as food, stress levels, exercise, social support, restorative sleep, and mind-body practices. The vision of Karisha Community is to create a new model for health and care that includes the whole person.

What type of practices and services will be offered?

Karisha partners with highly trained professionals that integrate traditional Western medicine with Eastern and holistic healing practices. The aim is to help patients achieve optimal health and healing in the way that works best for them. Offerings include pediatric, internal medicine, gynecological, obstetric (prenatal), and acute care services. Karisha will employ licensed and board-certified primary care physicians, acupuncturist, nutritionist, psychotherapist, physical therapist, and therapeutic massage practitioner, a teaching kitchen, sample pantries, a networking space, mind-body practices like yoga, meditation, dance and drum classes.