Story Commons

Story Commons

“In the beginning we seek truth. In the middle we seek reason. In the end we seek peace.”
- L.M. Browning







What is the Life Story Commons?

The Life Story Commons is a digital archive of personal life stories. Human life is sacred, and every person has an important story to tell about the life they have lived. Stories shared between multigenerational and multicultural groups become teaching tools by which we can gain a greater appreciation of both our commonalities and differences. Sharing stories helps us recognize that we are all members of the human family. The Commons offers a proprietary protocol for people to share their life stories with others.

What is the mission and legacy of Life Story Commons?

The mission of Life Story Commons is to celebrate individual lives and strengthen community bonds by bringing people of all generations together to share life stories. It has accomplished this through recording and preserving the life stories of people of all ages and backgrounds while serving as a meeting ground for all people interested in learning from each other's stories. The Commons promotes intergenerational and intercultural communication by exploring the questions of growth and changes that occur across life cycles. It provides a living legacy of people, traditions, generations, and meaning across time.

Why do we tell stories?

There is a power in storytelling that can transform our lives. Our own life stories can be tools for making us whole and illustrate our inherent connectedness with others. In the life story of each person is a reflection of another’s life story. In some mysterious, amazing way our stories and our lives are all tied together. Life storytelling is a kind of spiritual endeavor in which we get to the heart of who we are and what is most important to us.

What are the functions and benefits of storytelling?

Through the story, we tap into ageless, universal themes that have been experienced by all of humanity, and that connects us to our roots and common heritage. We can also fulfill important functions, such as bringing us into accord with 1) Ourselves (the psychological function). 2) Others (the sociological function). 3) The mystery of life (the spiritual function). 4) The universe around us (the philosophical function).