Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting

"In all kinds of ways (if we are willing), our children take us into places in our heart we didn't know existed."
- Dr. Shefali Tsabary







What conscious parenting is not

“When you parent, it’s crucial you realize you aren’t raising a “mini me,” but a spirit throbbing with its own signature. For this reason, it’s important to separate who you are from who each of your children is. Children aren’t ours to possess or own in any way. When we know this in the depths of our soul, we tailor our raising of them to their needs, rather than molding them to fit our needs.” ― Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parent

What is the goal of conscious parenting?

The principal task is to put spiritual foundations under both our child’s life and our own. This triggers a shift in the elemental way in which we relate to our children, with the result that their behavior automatically falls in line as they become aware of, and true to, who they really are. Behavioral changes are an outgrowth of a shift in the relationship.” ― Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parent

Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

“Viewing parenthood as a process of spiritual metamorphosis allows us to create the psychic space to invite the lessons of this journey in. As a parent, to the degree you are able to recognize that your children are in your life to foster a renewed sense of who you are, you will discover their potential to lead you to the discovery of your own true being."

Conscious Parenting: Shefali Tsabary

Tips for Mindful Parenting