Mystic Heart Wisdom School

Mystic Heart Wisdom School

"We don’t need to enter monasteries to become mystics or to cultivate our spirituality: We are all mystics! The mystic heart is the deepest part of who or what we are. We need only to realize and activate that essential part of our being."
- Brother Wayne Teasdale







Mission and Vision

Vision Statement: We envision a society where the contemplative life, grounded in love, is valued, encouraged and celebrated. Mission Statement: We provide spiritual formation that nourishes the contemplative life while supporting the mystic heart of true self.

What is it?

The Mystic Heart Wisdom School is a year-long spiritual formation program that builds on the Core Curriculum of Seton Cove and provides an in-depth study of the Wisdom Tradition. This tradition, also known as the Perennial Philosophy, is the core synthesis of religious thought from the world’s great religions.

What is involved?

The Mystic Heart Wisdom School will meet four times a year in a retreat format and will be centered on the following themes: The Perennial Tradition and the Mystic Heart; Source and Presence: The Divine I Am; The Trinity: Entering the General Dance; Carrying on the Work of Love

Who should attend?

Who should attend: Chaplains, Spiritual Directors, Religious, Clergy, graduates of the Leadership Pilgrimage, and all those who wish to cultivate contemplative practices with which to deepen their relationship with the Great Mystery of the Divine and skillfully carry the work of love out into the world.