Naropa University

Naropa University

“’Contemplative’ here doesn’t mean one tames thought or one dwells on some particular theme a lot. Instead it means being with discipline fully and thoroughly as a hungry man eats food or a thirsty man drinks water.”
- Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche







About Naropa

Naropa University is a private, liberal arts university located in Boulder, Colorado, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the arts, early childhood education, environmental studies, peace studies, psychology and religious studies. Naropa University is a leader in the contemplative education movement, a teaching and learning approach that integrates Eastern wisdom studies and traditional Western scholarship.

What is Contemplative Education?

Contemplative education combines traditional classroom academics, experiential learning experiences and contemplative practices such as meditation and yoga. Naropa University’s Center for the Advancement of Contemplative Education is an international resource for educators at Naropa and beyond to expand their knowledge and experience of contemplative education. The center offers colloquia, conferences, and trainings; hosts visiting scholars; supports research initiatives and faculty development; and is assembling a library of contemplative research and education.

Academics at Naropa University

As the pioneer of contemplative higher education and the only institution to offer a comprehensive university-wide commitment to contemplative pedagogy, Naropa offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Combining Eastern wisdom studies, mindfulness training, and the capacity for compassion, with traditional Western scholarship, we challenge you to develop your intellect, while delving into the depths of your mind and heart. Naropa combines rigorous academics, contemplative practice and experiential learning to offer a truly unique and meaningful experience for students and faculty.

Contemplation in action

Authentic expression of contemplative practice, as an aspect of contemplative education, is demonstrated by our students' willingness and ability to put wisdom and insight into practice, in service to the greater good. Many of Naropa's graduates display this characteristic in their work within a variety of fields. "The point is not to abandon scholarship, but to ground it, personalize it, and balance it with the fundamentals of mind training, especially the practice of sitting meditation so that inner development and outer knowledge go hand in hand." Judy Lief, trustee and former Naropa president

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