Path of Anandum

Path of Anandum

Those who are free of fearful and resentful thoughts surely find abundance, peace and happiness.
- Buddha







What is the Path to Anandam?

The Path to Anandam is a spiritual and non-profit organization that provides instructions and practices for self-transformation for individuals, organizations and communities.

What is the mission of the Path to Anandam?

The mission of the Path to Anandam is to guide people to happiness and inner peace and to help them live an abundant and blissful life. This mission is fulfilled by helping individuals and groups attain abundance, true happiness, peace, and wellness, and by giving back to society through charitable works and supporting philanthropic causes.

Why is meditation fundamental to the Path of Anandam?

Meditation is a way of cleansing old destructive thought patterns and programming and replacing it with new ways of thinking positively. It is also the best technique to connect to the Super Consciousness/GOD. It connects us deeply in with the divine to receive many blessings. The purpose of meditation is not to stop thinking thoughts, but to let the thoughts drift past you like clouds in the sky (not clinging onto the thought or judging it- just simply letting it pass and coming back to the breath or mantra.) With practice, that space between thoughts will expand. That space is said to be where all things are possible, where there is unlimited potential, and where creativity lives.

What does meditation do?

Meditation is the best way to discipline and purify the mind. Through practicing Self-awareness we can purify ourselves and Self-Transform. We subtract negative and destructive thought patterns and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings of love and Anandam. You can transform any aspect of your life through these ancient practices. Dedication to meditation can lead to the ultimate goal of Eternal Happiness and ultimate peace within–“Sat Chit Ananda”.