Practice of Immediacy in the Arts (PIA)

Practice of Immediacy in the Arts (PIA)

"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."
- Abraham Maslow







What is the Practice of Immediacy in the Arts (PIA)?

PIA is an innovative means to access your natural, creative abilities. It does this by opening you to your present moment-by-moment experience. Most people practice PIA as an expression of their unique individual experience as it unfolds in real time. It can also serve to deepen other intentional practices and helps move us beyond mere left brain thinking, organizing, and planning by including these functions but not being attached to them.

How does PIA relate to the practice of meditation?

PIA is a contemplative practice that can serve to deepen your formal meditation practice. For instance, if you find yourself getting fatigued or stuck in some aspect of your regular meditation practice, PIA may help to open stuck places and bring energy to your practice. PIA allows us to experience the quality of each moment while simultaneously expressing the uniqueness of each moment. Like meditation practice, PIA will evolve and deepen over time with regular practice.

Do I need to be artistic to practice PIA?

PIA is an awareness practice and requires no artistic or creative ability. In fact, some find that not having creative skills can be an advantage. PIA helps you go beyond judgments, frustrations, or perceived limitations. It includes anything that arises in mind, emotions or body as a natural part of the process and gives shape and form to them with the media being used. All of these things are included as a natural part of the practice. PIA teaches practitioners to be present and open to not knowing.


Practice of Immediacy in the Arts (PIA)