Rama Meditation Society

Rama Meditation Society

"Spiritual evolution is a movement from the states of mind that reflect life less accurately, to the states of mind that reflect life more accurately."
- Dr. Frederick Lenz (Rama)







Who is Dr. Frederick Lenz (Rama)?

Rama was a spiritual pioneer and an American Buddha, whose life was dedicated to teaching meditation and transmitting enlightenment. He was an Enlightened Teacher who taught in America in the 1980s and 1990s and produced a profound body of teachings that translate ancient truths into practical teachings for our modern age.

What is the Rama Meditation Society?

Rama Meditation Society (RMS) is a non-profit corporation that was formed by students of Rama’s teachings. The mission of the Rama Meditation Society is to preserve and share the body of works of Rama and to support the continued transformation of those inspired by his teachings. Our vision is that Rama's enlightenment and teachings will produce profound spiritual transformation worldwide.

What is American Buddhism?

American Buddhism, as taught by Rama, is a form of Buddhism that is right for people who want to live a life fully committed to spiritual evolution and illumination while simultaneously using career and all aspects of the western lifestyle to achieve enlightenment in this life. American Buddhism doesn't reject modern living in western culture, but rather integrates the premises of meditation and mindfulness with living a full, rich life of excitement and fun. Discovering your true nature as a spiritual being is available to you by immersing yourself in meditation and self-discovery within your own culture.

What are some of the practices that are fundamental to Rama's teaching.

Meditation is essential for those committed to the path to Enlightenment. It takes humans out of a fixation on the physical and into a realization of lucid states of mind and the limitless nature of existence. Rama taught how to achieve and maintain a high state of mind and strong awareness of eternity, the force from which everything comes forth and to which everything returns. Rama did not advocate one technique; he taught many ways to meditate. He advised that if you get stuck in your practice (meaning you can't stop thought for increasingly longer periods of time), then try another way to meditate. All of the teachings of American Buddhism are desighed to lead to experiences of going beyond thought and limitation through meditation.

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