Royal Sister

Royal Sister

My goal is always transformation. I love to watch people transform their lives, which includes their inner world and their outer world.
- Debbie Ford







What is mission of Royal Sister?

The mission of Royal Sister is to facilitate transformation and design sustainable solutions for personal and professional empowerment. Royal Sister coaches individuals, groups, and organizations on how to improve their lifestyle. The aim is to facilitate personal transformation and empowerment through the union of body, mind, and spirit.

How does Royal Sister fulfill its mission?

Royal Sister has three primary areas of focus. 1) Healthy Environment – Providing sustainability and design solutions that include practical toolsets based on the principles of Permaculture that helps individuals and organizations discover the beauty and synergy of the natural world. 2) Healthy Individuals – Offering practices to improve lifestyle which includes the five points of Yoga, Exercise, Breathing, Relaxation, Diet and Meditation. 3) Healthy Organizations – Providing design and communication services to help organizations become truly sustainable and trustworthy.

What are the essential elements of Permaculture Design.

There is nothing more rewarding the working with the hands in the soil. It’s a natural serotonin booster. Permaculture or regenerative culture is about working with nature instead of against it. By observing natural systems, we can design solutions that interact with them. The design solutions are based on the three permaculture ethics: 1) Environmental care for the earth 2) Social care for the people 3)Economic fair shares

What are the essential 5 points of yoga?

1) Proper Exercise - The body is as young as it is flexible. Asanas (physical postures, movements) are like meditation in motion. 2) Proper Breathing - Breathing should be deep, slow and rhythmical to increase vitality and mental clarity. 3) Proper Relaxation - Much of our energy is spent keeping the muscles in continual readiness for work. By relaxing all the muscles, we can rejuvenate our nervous system. 4) Proper Diet - The foods we eat profoundly affect our mind. Pure, simple, and natural foods are easy to digest and promote health. 5) Positive thinking & Meditation - Science has proven that positive thoughts and meditation brings about a prolonged positive state of mind and rejuvenates the cells of the body.