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Ignorance is never an excuse for not having the right intention.
- Asit Ghosh




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What is Rtambhara Wellness?

Rtambhara refers to the ordered course of the manifested universe; the cosmic order which includes all laws - natural, moral and spiritual - in their totality which are eternal and inviolable. Rtambhara Wellness is an endeavor to inspire those who are on a spiritual journey and want to live their lives with meaning and purpose and uncover their inherent potential!

What are Rtambhara's values and philosophy?

The core values of Rtambhara Wellness are inspired by the Ṛigvedic injunction of making the universe nobler in all its forms and expressions of life. Our aim is to inspire people to uncover their transactional, transformational and transcendental dimensions, dimensions that contribute to a happier and more purposeful existence.

What is the The Rtambhara Community?

Rtambhara is a collective group that have at their core the philosophy that wellbeing starts at the physical and culminates in the transcendental! Each member of the team is on a spiritual path of discovery. We feel that we could help empower others through this collective to understand how to live life in tune with cosmic rhythm and balance.

What are the offerings of Rtambhara Wellness?

Rtambhara offers holistic wellness programs based on ancient wisdom "Sanatana Dharma" and traditional therapeutic methods from India to restore the balance of the Body, Mind and Atma. This includes Spiritual learning, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Satvik diet, Cultural exposure.