Seton Cove

Seton Cove

“If people functioned out of an inner-conviction for the good of society, we would live in a different world.”
- Sister Mary Rose McPhee


Spiritual Intelligence





Seton Cove History

The Seton Cove was founded in 1994 by Sister Mary Rose McPhee and a group of dedicated supporters who wanted to reach out to those striving to integrate spirituality and deeper meaning into their lives. The Seton Cove programs and services encourage people of all faiths to seek more meaning through the healthy balance of a mind, body, and spirit. The Cove believes that while not all people are religious, we are all spiritual. Our spirituality has to do with our deepest, truest center where our values are formed and held. It is a process of becoming.


Its mission is to provide a welcoming place of solace and hospitality where people of any faith may nourish and foster their spiritual growth and journey towards wholeness. The center offers a holistic approach to life, which integrates spiritual and human development through programs designed to honor the dignity of every person and to reflect the connections between spirituality and the human experience.


The Seton Cove offers a variety of programs designed to provide participants opportunities to explore, develop, and continue their spiritual paths. These programs are open to people from all faiths and spiritual practices and are delivered through luncheons, evening classes, workshops, and multi-day retreats.


The Seton Cove provides a variety of on-going services to encourage spiritual practice and growth. An individual practice focusing on a balance of body/mind/spirit is essential to personal and communal service and renewal. More and more people are recognizing the benefits of spiritual direction for the authentic life. This is an ancient practice of listening to the movement of the Spirit in our lives. Seton Cove also offers SQ21™ Spiritual Intelligence Assessment, Meditation and Prayer, Massage and Holistic Touch, and Consultation and Facilitation.


If you are searching for resources to develop your spiritual life, The Seton Cove may be the place for you. Just as we feed our mind and body, we need to nourish our spirit. The programs offered at the Seton cove are designed for participants from all walks of life. The one requirement is a desire to grow spiritually with an open mind and heart.