Simple Living

Simple Living

"Owning fewer keys opens more doors.”
- Alex Morritt


Awareness of what is essential


Serenity, sense of liberation


Distraction, over consumption, debt

What is Simple Living?

The simple living movement has arisen in the past few decades in response to the increasing shrillness of our consumerist culture and concerns about personal debt and financial insecurity. The movement is urging people to simplify their lives and to live them more fully by removing unneeded distractions, ridding our homes of clutter and curtailing unnecessary spending.

How do I Practice Simple Living?

Proponents of simple living often refer to “two lists” – the short and long lists. The short list consists of just two goals: • Identify what’s most important to you. • Eliminate everything else. The long list begins with an assessment of the essential priorities in your life and then challenges you to evaluate how you spend your time, commitments, tasks and belongings. The goal is to find a way to “declutter” all aspects of our lives so that we can savor and be grateful for the things that matter most.