Soul Biographies

Soul Biographies

These times call for a conscious revolution in the way we act towards one another, driven by our capacity to better see and experience our common humanity.
- Nic Askew







What is Soul Biographies and the Inner View Method?

Soul Biographies and the Inner View Method is the art and science of witnessing. A way of eliciting authenticity, truth, and intuitive intelligence. It’s a profound interview method that invites surrender and authenticity. It’s a powerful way of capturing conscious and authentic human stories.

What is unique about this approach to filmmaking.

Developed over a period of 14 years by Soul Biographies creator Nic Askew. Soul Biographies films offer the viewer a glimpse of the essence of another human being. This unique method provides a visceral and enduring experience genuinely seeing another person. It also shows participants how to be seen and how to see and accept oneself.

How can you participate in Soul Biographies and the Inner View Method?

You can sign up to receive weekly films. You can also sign up to learn the Inner View Method . Learning this approach to human engagement has been found useful in fields of human development, interaction and exploration. Professions such as coaching, therapy, TV and film, business, sales, marketing and management, conflict resolution, hospice and organizational development. It is valuable for anyone interested in professional and vocational development and personal transformation.