Spiritual Heritage Education Network (SHEN)

Spiritual Heritage Education Network (SHEN)

"Spiritual insights make for spiritual development; spirituality leads to unifying love and compassion where religiosity can lead to ignorance and division"
- Swami Vishwatma Bawra







What was the inspiration of the Spiritual Heritage Education Network?

The Spiritual Heritage Education Network (SHEN) was inspired by the vision, work, and love of Swami Vishwatma Bawra of India. Swami Bawra was a gifted spiritual teacher that deeply understood the universal nature of authentic spirituality and its capacity to lead to unifying love and compassion. Swami Bawra understood that proper education is essential to produce a genuine spiritual reality that transcends the ignorance of division. Thus inspired, the founders of SHEN undertook to organize for the project of promoting, researching, developing and delivering education in the unifying spiritual heritage of humanity, and the processes of learning, contemplation, and meditation required to take such knowledge deep into our reality of being and behaving.

What is the Mission & Vision of SHEN?

The MISSION of SHEN is to "provide educational access to the thinking and findings of those enlightened beings (prophets, sages, philosophers, scientists and seers), who have spent their lives studying the nature of humankind and its relationships in the universe." The VISION of SHEN is "to create a spirit-based integral education." SHEN is founded to take up the cause of helping humanity through insightful education to rise above our limited identities while embracing a global human identity that includes the underlying oneness of all knowledge and disciplines.

How does SHEN accomplish its mission?

SHEN utilizes a three stage approach to achieve its goals. The first stage addresses the curriculum needs for the post-secondary level. The purpose is to create a pool of teachers for the grade school system. It will take time for the universities and colleges to incorporate the teaching of core human spirituality in their curricula. Until then, SHEN will offer curricula via distance learning. As this program begins to achieve the desired results, the aim is to convince other educational institutions to provide such programs as part of their educational offerings. SHEN adheres to high academic standards and an inclusive code of ethics in developing its curriculum for universities, colleges, and professors who are willing to take a leadership role.

What is the SHEN for Health and Wellness?

The SHEN Centre for Health and Wellness is dedicated to the integration of the knowledge about health and wellness from ancient wisdom and modern science with an emphasis on the practice of intentional deep breathing. The Center integrates ancient wisdom with the knowledge of modern science to offer an approach to health and wellness both of the body and the mind.


Spiritual Heritage Education Network (SHEN)