SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence)

SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence)

“Lead yourself first with such authenticity and depth that other people will choose to follow.”
- Cindy Wigglesworth







What is SQ21?

You’ve heard of IQ (intelligence quotient), and maybe even EQ (emotional intelligence). Now discover SQ (Spiritual Intelligence): the new frontier of personal growth and organizational leadership. Courageous. Wise. Authentic. Compassionate. Peaceful. Whether we are religious believers, atheists, or anything in between, it turns out we can agree quite easily on what it means to be a spiritually evolved human being. The more difficult question is, how do we get there? And how can we measure our progress? In SQ21, Cindy Wigglesworth translates spirituality into Spiritual Intelligence: a skill-set like EQ that can be developed and measured. In her empowering and practical teachings, Cindy shares skills that can help you live a life of wisdom, compassion, and authentic leadership.

How do I develop SQ?

We used to think that “IQ” and a good work ethic was all you needed to be successful. We now know that there are many types of intelligence – and there are 3 others that are crucial for effective leadership. Physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence are all needed for success in your personal and professional life. Emotional intelligence has been well documented in research by Daniel Goleman and others. Spiritual intelligence (SQ) is a more recent piece of the puzzle. It includes skills that are learnable and highly desirable in organizational leaders. During this 1.5 hour session participants will learn definitions of spirituality, religion and spiritual intelligence - and how SQ fits with the 3 other crucial intelligences of leaders. Spiritual intelligence is about growing toward wise and compassionate (i.e. loving) interior states that translate into productive and caring behaviors.

The Deep Change Approach

Deep Change is a global network. We use a powerful and customized approach to deliver elegant, fit-for-purpose solutions for leadership development and sustainable corporate culture change. Through our leadership coaching you can improve your own capacity to manage complexity, develop your emotional intelligence and your spiritual intelligence. Because sustainable success requires that we lead ourselves first.

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