St. Hildegard's Community

St. Hildegard's Community

The Word is living, being, spirit, all verdant greening, all creativity. This Word manifests itself in every creature.
- Hildegard of Bingen


Divine Feminine





What is St. Hildegard's Community?

St. Hildegard’s is a Christian community open to the wisdom of other traditions. We tend to our inner lives and nurture deep community while working for environmental and social justice in the world. Inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen and rooted in the Episcopal tradition, we have created inclusive and creative liturgies every week for more than 25 years. Beyond Sunday afternoon worship, we also offer Friday afternoon meditation, along with regular classes through the Servant Leadership School, and retreats for spiritual seekers. All offerings can be joined from anywhere in the world online or in person in Austin, Texas.

How does St Hildegard's Community work for justice in the world?

St. Hildegard’s community seeks to empower and support each member to follow and develop his/her personal call for the healing of the world. We support the leadership of women through working in solidarity with woman-led cooperatives on the Texas border and in Chiapas, and leadership on the board of Equity for Women in the Church. We support non-violence through work to end the death penalty and support of conscientious objectors. We seek to care for the earth through our support of Campo de Estrellas Conservation Cemetery. We also work in solidarity with grassroots immigrant-justice groups in Austin. And since our beginning we have welcomed the gifts and leadership of our LGBTQ members.

What do members say about St Hildegard's community?

I have found deep meaning for my life and a greater sense of hope. (Nancy)...... I am grateful for the joyful sense of spiritual liberation I experience with my sisters and brothers in this beloved community. (Stephanie)..... At a time of transition in my life I was embraced by this loving community. Even though I no longer live in Austin, I attend classes and worship online. Being with St Hildegard’s Community feels like coming home every time—like your mother’s arms are open. (Peggiann)..... I enjoy the creative and feminist liturgies, inclusive language, use of sacred writings which speak truth from many traditions, and space to learn from and embrace all the ways the Sacred Feminine can be honored. (Alisa)

St. Hildegard's Community