Be still and know that I am God
- Psalm 46







What is Stillpoint?

Stillpoint is a center for spiritual development. Based in Las Vegas, NV, it serves as a spiritual oasis in the desert for all those interested in cultivating the inner life.

What is the mission of Stillpoint?

The mission of Stillpoint is to provide a gathering place that is hospitable to and nourishing of the spiritual life. Our programs, informed by Incarnational Theology, provide opportunities for spiritual development, personal growth and social transformation.

Who does Stillpoint serve?

Stillpoint welcomes individuals and groups of all faiths that genuinely seek the Divine and those who desire to embrace the sacred in their lives and world. The goal is that all who come to Stillpoint can experience the invitation: “Be still and know that I am God” (PS 46)

What types of programs and offerings are available at Stillpoint?

Stillpoint offers spiritual direction and spiritual direction training. The Stillpoint community also serves as a center for prayer and offers regular contemplative programs on a variety of different practices and approaches to the inner life, such as Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Interspiritual Meditation, Healing practices and many more.