The Contemplative Academy

The Contemplative Academy

Contemplative Education is “set of pedagogical practices designed to cultivate the potentials of mindful awareness and volition in an ethical-relational context in which the values of personal growth, learning, moral living and caring for others are also nurtured”
- (Roeser & Peck 2009, p. 127)


Self Observation


Experiential Learning


Wandering Attention

What is the Contemplative Academy?

The Contemplative Academy provides an overview of Contemplative Education and offers information, resources and services to help support individuals and institutions interested in engaging in contemplative practice, pedagogy and education.

What is the mission of The Contemplative Academy?

The Contemplative Academy’s mission, to offer support, research and training in the emerging field contemplative education. Its focus is grounded in contemplative praxis combining rigorous theoretical and applied research. It takes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach founded on experience and insight from contemplative practice. It provides research, training, and support to institutions and individuals in contemplative education and studies.

What is the vision of The Contemplative Academy?

The Contemplative Academy envisions a humanistic educational system grounded in a contemplative approach to the whole student and teacher that honors and engages their first- second- and third-person experience. The Contemplative Academy is committed to supporting the development of contemplative studies to help ameliorate the lack of meaning and ethical focus, chronic stress and anxiety, time poverty, and fragmented attention that many students and teachers suffer.

Why incorporate Contemplative Practices into Education?

Firstly, it helps remediate the increasing levels of stress anxiety and depression and time poverty, and constant partial or fragmented attention that students and educators are currently battling. Secondly, it supports the development of prosociality, interpersonal and emotional intelligence; and the soft skills increasingly sought by employers who require graduates with the sophisticated communication skills crucial in the navigation of global business networks.

Meditation in Education.