The Listening Center

The Listening Center

Silence is essentially a surrender to the holiness of the divine mystery.
- Sister Wendy


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Sacred Listening



What is The Listening Center?

The Listening Center is a place to explore this spiritual approach to the art of listening. We find that access to listening as a sacred art is available through a fundamental context that is exemplified by three qualities: Silence, Reflection and Presence. They work together in an organic process. Each call for practices to develop the skill of deep listening.

Why is deep listening so important?

Truly listening to someone is one of the greatest gifts we give to each other. Listening from our hearts- open and waiting for the other to speak what is truly in their heart - is a ministry of hospitality. It is holy work. Speaking from the heart takes courage - to risk and be vulnerable with another. Connecting with someone at the heart level is a sacred experience.

What are the guidelines for Circle Conversations?

1) Listen and speak with respect, compassion, curiosity. 2) One person speaks at a time, without interruption or comments. 3) Speak for yourself and from your own experience. 4) Hold stories or personal material in confidentiality. 5) Be willing to discover and explore, look for something new.