Transformation 365

Transformation 365

When your life becomes your practice, your practice becomes your life.
- Jeff Genung







What is Transformation 365?

Transformation 365 (T365) is an experiential practice network designed to help cultivate inner awakening through deep and sustained practice. We invite you to go deeper by practicing each day for two weeks. You can connect and collaborate with other practitioners through this site by adding your thoughts, comments, and insights about your practice experience.

What is the mission of T365?

The mission of Transformation 365 is “grounding unity awareness through deep daily practice.”

How did T365 get started?

T365 was born of an inspired connection that transpired in the halls of the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto. That’s the beauty of big events like the Parliament: face-to-face encounters lead to intentional dialogues, which then spark new initiatives and ongoing collaboration. This initiative focuses on daily practice as the ground from which the unity of all creation is revealed, even as we work together to spread the message of oneness worldwide.