We are one people, one planet, one family.
- Unity Earth








UNITY EARTH is an inspired grassroots network of people, organizations, and platforms aligned around a simple and profound truth. We Are One! We are one people, one human family, sharing one planet. The vision of Unity Earth is to weave threads of unity within the colorful diversity of the Human Family and with the ecosystems that sustain us. Honoring all traditions and lineages, we are inspired by the collective wisdom of humanity to foster community, connect cultures and cultivate peace. Our events and offerings are designed to enhance personal transformation and facilitate planetary consciousness.

How does UNITY EARTH sustain and maintain its work?

UNITY EARTH represents a global vision that provides an essential framework intended to support variety of activities and organizations that share a common aim. It connects people through festivals, events, education, and community building experiences. Unity Earth is engaging a global network of people like you that are interested in participating and helping to spread the word with others.

What is the vision for the Road to 2020?

The vision of the Road to 2020 is a global series of increasingly public transformational events. Events to date have been held in New York City; Crestone, Colorado; Delhi, India; in the Australian outback for the return of Mungo Man; and U Day Ethiopia at the African Union with the United Religions Initiative and other partners. Larger events are now being planned across India in 2019 and in Jerusalem for World Interfaith Harmony Week 2020. All these global events are building up to the climactic Caravan of Unity across the United States in September 2020.