Working with Wisdom

Working with Wisdom

“The purpose of life … is about consciousness and the quality of our awareness”
- Wayne Teasdale







What is Working with Wisdom?

Working with Wisdom exists to provide information and services to people who feel that today's world, has many problems that need a different approach to solve. To make the world a happier, healthier and all-around better place, we need to change how we use our minds. We need to become wise rather than clever. Wisdom comes from not thinking. A unique skill to that usually taught for business. And, because every person and customer are a thinking, feeling human beings we have to concern ourselves with not just objective facts, but with the subjective: how we feel. Working with Wisdom aims to help people change how they feel by helping them cultivate wisdom.

How does Working with Wisdom achieve its mission?

Working with Wisdom helps people identify and develop the appropriate tools and skills for their unique situation. The process begins with a practice of inquiry. What's going on in your life and your organization? How aware are you of the real issues? Does your organization have a heart and soul? How do your stake-holders feel about their work and company culture? All of the techniques and ideas offered are based on proven approaches that have withstood the test of time and utilizes the latest scientific understanding of life and consciousness.

Why is a new approach needed?

A famous quote from Einstein sums up the problem. "We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". There are plenty of examples, across industry sectors and academic disciplines, of modes of consciousness, techniques, and practices that we can learn from to help us better navigate our personal and professional lives, to transcend old mindsets.

What is inspiration for the One Reality site?

One Reality is a web-site created with the understanding that each human being and each other life-form on earth is a unique and valuable part of the planet and its Eco-system. We are inter-dependent and inter-connected in many amazing ways. As we increase our awareness of this inter-dependence and modes of consciousness beyond the purely rational, we experience life with more depth and meaning. The aim of this web-site is to share both theory and practice on ‘transcendence’ and thus to further the co-creation of One Reality to which we all belong.